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June 2024

Primary School: Age and Duration

(6+ to 11 years) At Defang Insurance School (DIS) Tiko), children start attending primary schools (elementary schools) when they are 6 years old and spend the next six years there, graduating at the age of 11. However, most children who attended nursery schools prior to primary schools have an edge over those children who didn't have the privilege to do so. Therefore, they usually finish earlier. At graduation, primary school pupils are awarded the First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC), which, in combination with the common entrance examination, thus fulfilling the formal requirements for secondary school education.

Within the Anglo-Saxon educational system, DIS Tiko has carved itself a niche as a center of excellence in basic education. English language and literature, Mathematics, French, Science and technology, Social Studies, vocational studies, arts, physical education and sports, national languages and culture, information and communication technologies (ICT) are the core courses taught in primary schools. At the completion of the six-year study, all of these courses are tested in the Cameroon First School Leaving Certificate examination (FSLC). At DIS Tiko, we value the arts and encourage students to engage in concerts, exhibitions, and competitions in their respective fields of art, craft, and music.

Our Curriculum

Our children learn through our broad and balanced curriculum, which sets out to provide practical experiences, rich in opportunities, for them to investigate and solve problems. 

Our curriculum is taught through a range of engaging topics which challenge and inspire pupils to learn more. A variety of trips, visitors, outdoor learning activities and a series of whole school themed weeks throughout the year enhance the learning opportunities, providing first hand experiences for all our children. Specialist teachers in Music, French and Physical Education, enrich the curriculum enabling opportunities to further develop their skills. 

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Primary School Headmistress Barbara Shea, M.A.T.

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