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Welcome to DIS Tiko

Thank you for taking the time to find out a bit about our wonderful school. Defang Insurance School (DIS) Tiko was established on its present site, in 2014. Since then we have been making steady progress to refurbish, upgrade and build new school buildings.

We have a very dedicated staff who show a genuine commitment to their work and the DIS students. We utilise an Anglo-Saxon learning approach which provides real-life learning opportunities to our students. Our number one priority is that all our staff and students are happy and enjoy coming to school each day. Without that the learning journey can be pretty challenging.

DIS is well supported by a hardworking and skillful Board of Trustees (BOT) who provide governance and support for us all. Our parent PTA  provide support, by developing a community focus that includes family activities and funding / promoting projects. Our site has extensive grounds, playing surfaces / structures and mature trees that all add much to the daily life of the School. This wouldn’t be possible without the support of our wider school community.

Feel free to contact the office and make a time to come in to meet us if you are not already a member of our school community.

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Nkemngu (B. Ed, London, M.Sc, University of Southern California)

Founder Defang Insurance School, Tiko

At DIS Tiko, we ensure that all children attain:

We are a school with an outstanding performance  and  exciting future.

 We pride ourselves on the happy, friendly and safe environment that is evident from the moment you enter our grounds. Learning is not silent at our school but shouts with curiosity and challenge.

Our goal is to ensure that your child is given every opportunity possible to develop and grow through our inclusive and holistic curriculum.

Our vision is to develop well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. We will do this by providing a welcoming, happy, safe, and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated.

Our values of Morality, Had Work and Excellence are modelled and reinforced by the teachers as essential qualities that we all strive for in our learning community. 

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67 %

All passed Common Entrance Exams 2021

67 %
First School Leaving Certificate

All passed 2021 FSLC

1: 67
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    Why Defang Insurance School Tiko?

    • We offer education in Anglo-Saxon tradition
    • We create a vibrant community in which all our children will excel
    • High standards are achieved and sustained
    • Very accessible and conducive study environment
    • An ultra-modern computer laboratory and a rich library
    • We acknowledge God as our creator

    Ability communicate effectively.


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    What our students say

    “ I loved this place so much because this primary school trained me gave me lots of friends and holds special memories. So who won't love it too? ”
    Pires Nkeh Fonji
    "We're one big family, and while we don't always get along, we always work it out and have a good time!"
    Taryn Grogan
    " It takes a big heart to teach little minds from primary 1 to 6. Great thanks to your hard work and years to come"
    John Doe

    Rolling admissions now open

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